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In order to facilitate the intricacies of cohesive group travel, it would make more sense to hire an Aberdeen minibus instead of using public transportation. The alternative would be to have your group split up and commute in a convoy of smaller vehicles. Our cheap minibus hire services in Aberdeen seek to fulfil customer satisfaction, to make your trip to the city an event to remember. A group travelling in cramped quarters may not get the best trip to Aberdeen, so we are here to offer you a solution of comfortable, relatively spacious travel with minibus hire Aberdeen.

We are in the business of catering to your every need and we know that the method of transportation that you choose is of high significance to the way your trip to Aberdeen turns out. For this reason, we guarantee that if you go for our Aberdeen minibus, you will get much more than you bargained for.

Do not just take our word for it: you can do your own research and see for yourself that our cheap minibus hire services in Aberdeen is more than just affordable. In fact, we can confidently say that we are the only provider that offers such low rates. This does not mean that the quality of our service will be lacking. The fact is that quality is our business. As proof of this, you can avail yourself of any one, or combination, of a number of packages available from minibus hire Aberdeen to see for yourself.   If you have a group that is fairly large, we are eager to accommodate you with an Aberdeen minibus from our fleet that can comfortably seat between eight and eighteen persons.

However, in the event that your group is of a larger number, we invite you to opt for our coach hire services instead. Whatever your selection, we can ensure that your team is comfortable and gets to stay together throughout your tour.

Outside of this, we want you to know that, should you be unfamiliar with Aberdeen, there is no need for you to worry, because you can hire a minibus with driver to take you around. This eliminates the need for frequently consulting a map just to be certain that you are on the tight track, as you will have retained the services of a seasoned and knowledgeable person for your tour. The driver that you will be given will be a local resident of Aberdeen hence they will ensure that you pick a route that will give you the best value for your money. On top of that, they will go ahead and implement your itinerary to ensure that your trip goes exactly as planned. Our minibus with driver is there to make your trip stress free.

Above all, Minibus Hire Aberdeen is committed to ensure that you will never experience a minibus plagued by mechanical failures while on tour. We have staff that consist of talented, certified engineers whose sole responsibility is extensive coach and minibus servicing. These people conduct thorough checks and inspections on every minibus hence you can be certain that your Aberdeen minibus will be thoroughly tuned before it is dispatched to your group. As added bonuses, the on board entertainment systems, drinks coolers and tracking devices that have been installed in most of our coaches and minibuses for your comfort are always in prime working order.

In addition to ensuring that our vehicles are in top condition before we give them out to you, we always make sure that we source our vehicles from top vehicle manufacturers who are known for producing vehicles that meet very strict quality specifications. You will also get the added advantage of earning some respect just by being seen travelling in one of these vehicles because they are associated with the affluent in society.

Over the years, we have taken care to note customer preferences; this is what makes the difference. We commit to pay attention to your needs so that you get the best of what minibus hire Aberdeen has to offer. We have also been able to establish good working relationships with other companies that provide the services that you might need in your trip to Aberdeen hence we are able to direct you to the places where you will get cheap and more importantly high quality service. This adds to the benefits that you can get from our cheap minibus hire services in Aberdeen.

Take advantage of this good relationship that we have made and save the time that you would have spent trying to find a reliable place to get accommodation, food and other crucial services from. Come to Minibus Hire Aberdeen and you won't regret it.

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There are several considerations to make when choosing the best minibus hire service provider in Aberdeen. If you prefer our packages, we are ready to surprise you in ways you never imagined. We are the most preferred minibus hire firm that rises above the competition in Newtonhill. Our fleet, personnel, reputation and customer policies are matchless. We don’t make claims we cannot manage. Ours is a service offering that leaves you and your wallet smiling. Here are concrete reasons why your group should book with us.

Over 10 Years in Business

Minibus hire is a big business in Aberdeen. But, many providers are new or they are out to make a kill. Minibus Hire Aberdeen has been in the game for over 10 years. We have a reputation for exceptional 14 seater minibus hire packages with a driver. Newbie companies will always falter, and they won’t give you value for money. The experience we have raked in over the years gives us and upper hand over companies that have been around for 30 years. The local community rates us highly for safety and excellent customer service.

How old is the fleet?

The modern traveller and group wants to enjoy value for every pound they pay for a 16 seater minibus services. Minibus Hire Aberdeen relies on a new fleet. We don’t operate vehicles that are more than three years old. We keep rejuvenating the fleet with latest models that give our customers the best they can get in Balmedie and Blackburn. We give you the better option compared to providers who still run minibuses procured in the early 2000’s.We guarantee you top-of-the-line amenities even if you are booking the 12 seater vehicle.

We have Emergency plans

At Minibus Hire Aberdeen, we have a clean operating track record devoid of incidences or accidents. We make sure that our fleet is inspected and that the vehicles are checked by highly qualified mechanical engineers. We acknowledge that the unexpected comes to pass at times, but we have practical mitigation measures on the ready. We have emergency roadside assistance teams and we replace every minibus that breaks down quite fast.

We Accommodate Special Needs

Some groups that hire our minibuses are family or special interest groups. We cater to their 10 seat minibus hire needs without bias. We have wheelchair compatible minibuses and child safety features on board. If you have special gear or equipment, we will take care of it. You only need to let us know in advance for us to make special arrangements and to identify the ideal minibus to dispatch.

No Distance limit

When hiring a minibus, it’s advisable to check the distance they allow you and your group to travel. Some will limit the areas and perimeter of operations to a 30–40 miles. We don’t cap the distance you wish to travel in Kintore or Newburgh. Even if you are heading out of Aberdeen, we give you the leeway. What’s more, we will track your movement out of town, and we have proper rescue measures 70 miles beyond Aberdeen. We help you arrange extended 8 seater minibus hire plans and the rate remains as friendly as ever.

On top of the roadside assistance, minibus with driver package and the lowest rates, we make sure that you are covered comprehensively. We have proof of valid and up to date insurance cover just in case. Whether your journey leads you to Findon or Portlethen, we are always monitoring you through our CCTV systems installed on board. Your safety and security means a lot to us. Call us today.

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